Butler Theater Antique Mall

 119 - 121 South Main St -  Ishpeming, Michigan 49849 -  (906) 486-8680

The Butler Theater Antique Mall has moved into the adjacent Gately's Department Store, 

 recently Treasures and Pleasures, and become the Main Street Antique Mall.  

Click here for the new information:     http://www.mainstreetantiquemall.net

The Butler Theater is currently FOR SALE.

Please call (906) 486-8680 for information.

Multi dealer (30+) mall set in the historic Butler Theater and adjoining Gately's Department Store.
The Butler Theater held the world premiere of the film ANATOMY OF A MURDER, starring James Stewart, Eve Arden, George C. Scott, and Lee Remick.  The theater was built in 1915 and closed in the early 1990's.  Gately's features impressive tin ceilings throughout.  There are several other stores & malls worth visiting nearby.

We offer a clean, attractive environment to browse quality antiques, decorative items, and junque in every price range.  With multiple dealers and reasonable prices, there is always a turnover and fresh items being added to our inventory!  Our dealers are bringing in items from as far away as Florida and Arizona.  We feature several specialty areas, including a vintage clothing boutique, Northwoods camp/cottage area, and retro area.

Hours vary by season and are shorter in winter & longer in summer.  We do not open on Sundays. 

Please call for exact hours.  (906) 486-8680